Apple Picking Upstate with the Junket Entourage!!

First was breakfast at Grand Central Station while waiting for the whole Junket entourage to appear. Once we were all there, we made a fast dash to catch the train up to Crotan Falls to visit Harvest Moon Orchard. When we arrived we went straight to the pumpkin patch to explore and take wacky photos posing as apples, cows, and happy farmers. Lunch was a territorial battle between human and bee, which included French fries, tacos, and a large cookie. Along the way to the apple orchard, we were greeted by various farm animals including chickens, horses, roosters, and a bully billy goat. We hiked up the hills to find the remaining apples of the season. Despite all the apples being high in the trees the handy apple picking poles provided us with plenty of reach. We probably ended up with close to 300 apples!!! Afterwards, we experienced an unforgettable hayride, full of bumps and spectacular views. We ended the trip with hot apple cider and fresh apple cider doughnuts. Exhausted from so much fun and full of apple treats, most of us slept on the train ride back into Grand Central Station.

Junket Inc