Money Talk!


Talking about money and budgets usually feels pretty impersonal, but all those line items add up to a lot of personal experiences for us!  We wanted to spend some time this week highlighting a few budget items that make a BIG difference in our lives.

Office Space($600/month)

We rent an office from Green Desk and have access to a conference room for 12 hours a month which covers the time needed for our four meetings a month.  We have been thrilled to have a consistent space to meet in since 2013. Having a “home” for Junket helps us create a dependable safe space for everyone involved.

“For the first year of Junket meetings, we were nomads! We travelled from Brooklyn back to Manhattan back to Brooklyn from one temporary meeting space to the next, carrying our computers and supplies each time on our backs! Having the office space has created a home-base. We know where we’re meeting each week, how to get there, and what to expect. Our office gives us a space to plan, prepare and work.” – Sara + Heather

Healthy snacks ($50/meeting)

Each week before our Junket business meeting, we go shopping at the local grocery store for healthy snacks.  We have a budget of $50 per week that the Junketeers diligently heed as they add up the costs of the various fruits, veggies, nuts, meats and cheeses we find. Every effort is made to shop the sales each week to get the best bang for our buck! The snacks may seem like a simple thing, but they help start the meetings with a time to debrief our day, try new foods, and feed our brains to help us focus and work effectively together. 

“Healthy snacks keep our minds sharp.” – Tatyanna J.

“Sometimes when we’re reluctant to try new foods we surprise ourselves by how much we actually like them.” – Juana R.

“Junket can help you learn how to manage your money when going food shopping. This helps better prepare you for living on your own.” – Simone B.

Fun/Cultural Monthly Event ($500/month)

Each month we aim to have two weekend events where we can explore New York City and sometimes we venture upstate or NJ! These events allow us to build relationships and encourage teamwork, creativity, and get to know each other a little bit better. It’s fun and relaxing to spend time together without so much structure and gain new life experiences.

Check out the blog to see where we’ve been!

“The events are when we get to just talk, let loose, spend time together, and enjoy life. Junket means A Journey For Pure Enjoyment—that’s exactly what our events are!” - Sara

“I had never been upstate before we went apple picking and to the walkway over the Hudson. I don’t think I would have ever gone if we hadn’t gone with Junket” – Brandon F.

“Getting to see my community through a photographer’s eyes gave me a different outlook on my community which allowed me to see new things, meet the BedStuy guy, and eat at Peaches!” – Camillo E.

Metrocards ($100/month)

For those of you in NYC, this category doesn't need much explaining, but for those of you who aren't on the subway each day, a Metrocard is what is used to pay for public transportation in New York City. We provide a two-trip Metrocard ($5.50) to each youth to make sure they're able to get home and back to our next meeting without any difficulty.

 “There have been times I know I wouldn’t have been able to come to Junket if there hadn’t been a metro card” – Camillo E.

Check out our budget page for more details about our operating costs.

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