Lessons Learned 💙

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

– Benjamin Franklin

Five years, three projects and five giving back projects later, we have learned A LOT of lessons. These lessons have made us better and more confident, and we will carry them with us well into the future!

Junket member Camillo said it best, “We have grown as a family and as a community, we are exploring the ways that we can make a difference in our lives and our communities through giving back and using our business skills that we have learned from our creative projects”

A few of those skills we are talking about were highlighted well during our Brooklyn Flea experience…

  • Made us more confident and comfortable talking to people For some of us, talking to strangers all day was nerve-wracking, but over time, this became a lot less scary.
  • Taught us to regroup and think about problem solving After the first few months, we had to re-evaluate our banners we were using at the Brooklyn Flea. We spent a Tuesday meeting discussing ways we could improve our booth now that we were more familiar with the set-up. After we made improvements, our sales went WAY up!
  • Speaking about Junket at the Flea helped us hone in our message Many people who stopped by our booth wanted to know what Junket was and it was our job to tell them as best and succinctly as we could! Listening to each other describe Junket and repeating it so many times each day really brought to light the most important aspects of who we are and what we do.
  • Budgeting and tracking expenses After our first Saturday, we quickly realized how important it was to be super organized in tracking all our expenses for the day and sales. Keeping track of our sales and inventory gave us a great opportunity to improve our Microsoft Excel skills and learn about why budgeting is so important.

In January, we start fresh! We have a clean slate and are ready for what comes next. We are looking forward to bringing our new ideas back to the table and our goal is to make the project more local and personal for each one of the Junket members. Building a project that allows each of them to create awareness in their communities, something which they are personally effected by, and then visually create support for their cause.

Keep a lookout for us in and around your community! 

Junket Inc