A Note from the Mentors

'An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“This is one of my favorite quotes and what encourages me to mentor. For me, mentoring is sharing my life, the good and the bad, being open and vulnerable allowing the teachable moments to have impact. When you meet the resilient, intelligent and hopeful youth, it makes perfect sense. Every child deserves the chance to realize what they can achieve; circumstances should not dictate this. At Junket, we carve out opportunities to push them to their best selves; guiding them as they reach for their dreams and navigate life. Hard work, yes. Worth it, 110%.” - Heather H

As an Entrepreneurial Mentoring Group, we are focused on helping youth transition out of foster care, equipping them with practical skills to help them succeed, for life. Our meetings and projects focus on business; however, Junket is also a family, providing support and encouragement through life's ups and downs. Seeing each other each week, asking about what’s going on at work and school, providing encouragement and advice – this is at the very heart of Junket. Having a support system is so important, and knowing that someone is there for you is priceless.

"I mentor because I want my legacy to be me giving my time, energy and resources to kids who need them, and deserve nothing less."- Brionna J

The system was created to do its best to care for kids while they are under the state's care, but after they leave foster care, whatever support system was there is often entirely dismantled. Everyone working with foster children is doing a "job"- and even though many are doing that job tirelessly and very well, it never quite substitutes for the family/mentor role that is so desperately needed. With Junket, we are attempting to do just that. Junket is not an "agency" or "system" in the same sense as many others, largely because people like you are so generously donating and believing in our mission. We are honored to provide this space where the youth (young adults really!) can be themselves, feel safe, and know that they'll never "age out". For those of us who have not been in foster care, this is what we would call “family.”  With Junket, their support system will continue to grow as more mentors and supporters join. The bigger the Junket Family gets., the more diverse pool of mentors we have, the better we are able to care for those who participate in Junket.

I mentor to bridge the gap, to provide a safety net, to be there when one of our kids has a life-question that Google can’t answer... whatever it may be! If we don't have the answer, we'll find someone who does. – Sara C

We believe in Junket’s mission, but more importantly, we believe in all the young adults who participate in Junket. They are hard-working, resourceful, smart, funny individuals and getting to spend time with them each week means as much to us as we hope it means to them. They have taught us a lot about life, patience and perseverance. Being involved in the youth’s lives often extends far outside of Junket hours, whether it's be being accessible during the day or spending a Saturday together at the movies or running errands. The after hours activities provide quality time together to talk, give advice and encouragement, which further strengthens the bond, and builds up confident human beings, our next generation.

I mentor to provide that same support and stability that I was fortunate enough to have in my own life to others. Growing up with a loving and stable support system has impacted my life in so many positive ways and Junket provides that same support to youth who need it. – Elizabeth O

Being financially stable helps us continue to walk along side the young adults while being a consistent and positive influence in their lives. Please consider donating today towards Junket’s future or becoming a monthly donor.

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