Five years in, and more focused than ever!

Five years in, and more focused than ever!

Mentoring matters.

“It’s always good to have somebody you can count on, whether you are in foster care or not. Junket helps with that.” – Brandon F

Youth involved in the foster care system are often faced with a decrease in support as they transition into independent living at age 21. Junket aims to bridge the gap and provide dependable support and encouragement by fostering a nurturing family environment. The unique function of Junket is we have no cut-off age and no end of support – once you are a part of the Junket family, you are always welcome.

“There is never a day where I don’t have someone to talk to. My mentors are always available” – Simone B.

Our biggest goal is to empower the youth by providing a space for them to create and manage a project – like our latest venture the 26B postcards! Through these creative projects, we work on building a skill set which can be applied to daily life and in the work environment, with leadership, relationship building, and conflict resolution as core values. Even things that seem tedious – like tracking our expenses and sales from the Brooklyn Flea, have turned into amazing teachable moments about understanding money, something that’s really resonated with the Junketeers.

Junket lets me spend time with other people who get where I’m coming from. It’s nice to have fun and try new things and be a part of a group.  – Tatyanna J.

Giving back has always played a role in all our projects. For 26B, we had two local projects in Brooklyn. The first was commissioned artwork by Mercy First to decorate the walls of an ACS intake group home in Park Slope. Additionally, we were able to see our words come to life in a whole new way -  the words of inspiration from our very project became wall art that stands five feet by seven feet. It was exciting to see our project encouraging other youth who are just entering the foster care system, providing hope during a time of so many unknowns. Our second giving back project for 26B, and our most recent in 2016, was participating in NY Cares Spring Clean Up Day. When the youth were given the choice to do a “FUN” Saturday activity or join the NY Care Spring Clean Up Day, they chose to give back! So we headed out to Red Hook, rolled up our sleeves and sifted almost 60 cubic feet of compost personally, and 100+ cubic feet as a group.

Junket empowers my future by giving me experiences that last forever. - Camillo E.

Junket is dedicated to walk alongside the youth as they develop their identity and develop skills to navigate life as they move into adulthood. As many of us know, this is not an easy transition, even when you have multiple support systems. There are missteps taken and lessons to learn – sometimes the easy way and sometimes the hard way. This transition has disappointing days and also inspiring, affirming days, and learning to deal with all the peaks and valleys of life can be really challenging. However, we also know this is the process that shapes us into mature, confident and hopeful adults. At Junket, we hope to be a helpful guide as they navigate independent living and shape a positive family foundation that will carry them through.

Our goal is to increase our Monthly Contributions to $2,525 to cover our monthly operational costs and create a Project/Growth Fund of $35,000 to cover costs for our next project + help us grow our program, to open up Junket to youth from more foster care agencies and enlist additional mentors in 2017.

We’d love if you would join us as an investor and journey with us as we see what the next five years (and beyond!) have in store.

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