We've been busy!

After we posted our exciting Brooklyn Flea update on Saturday, we realized we’ve been remiss in our blog posting; so Junketeer Juana here with a much needed Junket Update!

December was a busy month, we saw the Rockettes and had a Holiday Celebration Dinner- we tried Indian Food! Trying something new is always a big risk but when you’re with Junket it’s a little less scary and a lot more fun!

We kicked off the new semester with dinner at Applebee’s. Going to dinner with Junket is like going to dinner with your closest friends. That night was particularly fun because it was the belated birthday of one of my dearest Junketeers, Simone B, and we surprised her with the HBD song and a red velvet cupcake!

As someone who LOVES superheroes and learning about old things, going to the New York Historical Society for the Superheroes in Gotham exhibit was right up my alley. It was an in depth way to get to know your favorites like Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman. Afterward we wandered around a bit and played the very first computerized version of tennis and won Jeopardy Junket Style!

In preparation for our upcoming stint at the Fort Greene Brooklyn Flea, we went on a scouting mission to the Sunset Park location. It was a wild ride! As soon as we walked in, I wished I had about 3 extra pairs of eyes so I could take in everything at once! There was a large variety of things to look at and buy – from iPhone cases made from old records to burgers with “buns” made of ramen noodles.

Signing off!

Junketeer Juana

Junket Inc