Junket Goes to the Zoo!

We had a great time on Saturday! We went to the Central Park Zoo, saw a 4-D movie, and climbed some GIANT rocks in the park after. We took lots of awesome photos of all the cool animals - like owls, penguins, bears (oh my!), and a peacock showing off. We all loved the entertaining sea lion who didn't want us to leave; he jumped out of the water each time we tried to walk away. We also got to feed a cow, bacon & pork (aka two cute pigs), and an alpaca.

It was fun to spend time with each other- especially our newest members Tatyanna, Pearl and Shevon.

Even though Brandon almost got attacked by an adorable bird, we all survived a glorious day at the zoo.

Signing off, 

Junketeers Brandon & Tatyanna

Junket Inc