Building a Business Professional from Scratch

Start with a suit. It is always a great idea to buy a 2 or 3-piece suit. It is important to have a 3-piece suit, for the ladies, so you’re able to switch it up. One day you can wear the skirt with the blazer, the next day you can do a pant and blazer combo! As you keep building your wardrobe, you can expand your color palette beyond neutrals. Other than the color and style, always make sure you are comfortable and confident. There is nothing better than walking into your workplace and feeling unstoppable!


·      Formal shoe

·      3 Ties (black, blue, pattern)

·      1 Sweater

·      2 Tights



·      Heels/flats

·      Neutral colors

·      Suit jackets

·      Cardigans

·      Pencil skirts

·      Button-down shirts

·      Cufflinks



·      Emails from the stores you like the most


·      Men’s Wearhouse

·      Macys

·      Zumiez

·      Loft

You will need: 

·      3 Piece/2-piece suit

·      7 Blouses/button-downs

·      2-3 Dresses (2 everyday/1 formal)

·      Everyday shoe

·      Belt!!

What to wear:

·      Corduroy

·      Khakis

·      Slacks

·      Collared shirts

·      Dress shoes

·      Tie/bow ties

·      Dresses (knee-length)

·      Tight/panty hose

Find deals:


Where to shop:

·      Banana Republic

·      J Crew

·      Express

·      GAP

·      Target

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