Our “Spread the Joy with Junket” Fundraiser was definitely a success and the Junket family is beyond grateful for all your support! Over 50 people donated in just 23 days, investing in our future and the future of the youth in Junket.

We have raised $13,185 for our Project Fund, which is a HUGE step as we work toward financial stability for our next venture in 2017. Even more exciting is having $1160 in pledged monthly donors - meaning almost half our monthly expenses will be covered each month!

This means we still have some hurdles to jump as far as raising funds is concerned, but we are encouraged by this strong start. Please continue to share Junket’s story with your friends, family, coworkers and beyond, to help us continue to GROW our base of support.

Looking forward to 2017, we are so excited to see where our new project takes us! We have learned so much in the last five years of Junket, and cannot wait to see what the next five bring.

A big THANKS again, for joining us on #JunketsJourney! We hope you’ll continue walking with us.

Junket Inc