#KNOWwhy | Let us tell you about foster care

'MAY' is foster care awareness month.

To raise awareness the Junket crew has completed its third project, blue bracelets with our theme hashtags #KNOWwhy#KNOWme and #NOlimits.

We are using the bracelets as a way to introduce foster care from our side of the story, keeping the conversation real in order to shed some light on a topic that’s often ambiguous and unknown.

There are over 400,000 children in the US today in foster care. Nearly 9,000 of those reside right here in NYC. Some stay in care for a few days, others years, and some never return home after being removed from their families.

The foster care system was created to protect children and ideally facilitate family reunification. While case workers and foster parents can make a positive impact in the lives of the people involved, the system can never fully substitute for a family.

Children often times remain in foster care for years, beyond the initial goals set for them to return home or be adopted into a forever family. What starts as a list of goals for the family to achieve to gain reunification often results in years of caregivers making efforts to have their children returned home, and children being moved from home to home in the meantime.

Healing takes time. And it looks different in every relationship, in each culture, in all different families. While the system was created to help bring healing, it often adds additional hurts. And what’s meant to add resources, often results in a diminished village of support for the children and families involved.

Junket’s goal is to be there. To be a resource, to provide stability, to be additional “family members” to all who join Junket.

  • To broaden the safety net.
  • To inspire change.
  • To challenge the youth to take hold of all the growth opportunities that come their way.
  • To educate others about foster care and encourage involvement with these incredible youth.

Throughout the month of 'MAY' we will be sharing a little bit more about the foster care system, breaking down some of the stereotypes and sharing a little bit about us, as individuals, those who are in/or have been in foster care.

Check out our GET INVOLVED page for info about what it looks like to become a foster parent or mentor. We will be updating this ongoing.

And stay tuned for next week, as we take you through a scene of what it looks like to enter into foster care.

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