Beautifying Fort Tryon Park


Each year we volunteer our time and/or money to a giving back project in and around where we live. This year we chose to help beautify Fort Tryon park in upper Manhattan, one of our favorite parks to visit in NY. We all were uncertain what the day would hold but now that we are post event, we can confidently say we are all gardeners at heart and you might see us out there sooner than you think.

Lexy, one of our Junketeers recounts the day ….

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went to Fort Tryon to participate in NY Cares Spring Clean-up Day. We all got up early and took a ride with Sara and Heather to Upper Manhattan. After we dropped off the cars at a parking garage we strolled over, enjoying the scenery.  Although it was a nice day out, the sun was high and blazing! Once we were inside of the park, we were introduced to the parks staff who were pretty cool. The head gardener taught us how to identify certain plants like Burdock, which was invasive, and even poison ivy! To our surprise, it was hard to identify the poison ivy from the normal plants. But after learning poison ivy plants only have 3 leaves each, we were definitely on the lookout! One of the plants, which was also invasive, was disguised as a beautiful lavender flower. First, we tackled the Burdock with our shovels and all the strength we had in us. I jokingly regretted wearing low top vans as all the dirt began to fill my sneakers, no wonder gardeners wear boots! Later in the afternoon we made it to the fourth garden and Taty came across some tasty wild strawberries, and ate one! Brandon and Leo continued to work as partners in defeating the evil burdock of Fort Tryon.

We took plenty of pictures in the sun, sharing our victories and the poison ivy of Fort Tryon. Towards the end of the day, we all enjoyed a rewarding dinner at New York’s very own, “Mama Sushi” along with special guest, baby Luca! As we walked back to the parking garage, we reminisced about all the fun we had. We all agreed that we had a very productive Saturday and felt thankful that we were able to lend a helping hand. The best part was when Sara opened up the gifts we got for baby Luca, a unique book to fill his book shelf from each of us. Till next time!

Junket Inc