2019 Budget

Our goal is to build up our Monthly Support to $2,680 per month plus provide stable funds for our Annual Operating Expenses which total $6,250.

Since the beginning, we have always believed in a 100% model.  All money will be clearly tracked and used with 100% transparency, giving our investors peace of mind in knowing exactly where their donations go and how they are helping to change lives.   


Monthly Operating Expenses

  • Office Space/Rent $600

  • Storage $60

  • Healthy Meeting Snacks $300

  • Fun/Cultural Monthly Event $500

  • Metrocards $220

  • Software/Website Subscriptions $200

  • Monthly Stipend per youth $800 (estimating 8 youth)

Total : $ 2,680 per month

Annual Operating Expenses

  • Accountant - filing/end of year $500

  • Insurance $4,000

  • Lawyer + filing fees $750

  • Clearance for (4) New Mentors (per year) $1,000

Total : $6,250 per year

Total needed per year to operate: $38,410


Further Explanation of our Monthly Expenses

Office Space / Rent

As of January 1, 2013 Junket began meeting in an official office! We rent an office from Green Desk and have access to a conference room for 12 hours a month which covers the time needed for our four meetings a month.  We are thrilled to have a consistent space to meet in. We recently moved into a slightly larger office space in 2016 which allows us to work more efficiently and have a bit more room to maneuver. The current monthly rent is $600.


In 2013, we decided to begin renting a storage unit to provide a place where we could store donated furniture and home items to assist those in Junket who were moving into independent living and needed some assistance with getting basic things like pots and pans, a kitchen table, linens, etc. As our youth settled in successfully and those items went into their apartments, the storage unit transitioned from storing furniture to holding our Junket project inventory (tees+totes+postcards) as well as all our supplies for our Brooklyn Flea booth. 

Healthy Meeting Snacks

Each week before our Junket business meeting, we go shopping at the grocery store by the office for healthy snacks. The youth are given a budget of $50 that they diligently heed as they add up the costs of the various fruits, veggies, nuts, meats and cheeses we find to try. We make every effort to shop the sales each week to get the best bang for our buck! The snacks may seem like a simple thing, but they help start the meetings with a time to debrief our day, try new foods, and feed our brains to focus and work effectively together. 

Fun/Cultural Monthly Events

Each month we aim to have two weekend events where we can explore the world around us and spend time together. You can look under the blog section to see some of the fun things we've been able to do recently. The goals of these events are to build relationships and encourage teamwork, creativity, and community involvement. We are continuing to keep our eyes peeled for events in the community that spark new ideas and get the creative juices flowing to enhance our future projects. In 2017 we have implemented "Family Dinner" as a one-a-month meal together where we cook, eat and relax together. 



For those of your in NYC, this category doesn't need much explaining, but for those of you who aren't on the subway each day, a Metrocard is what is used to pay for public transportation in New York City. We provide a two-trip Metrocard ($5.50) to each youth to make sure they're able to get home and back to our next meeting without any difficulty.

Software/Website Subscriptions

Building business and creative skills is an integral part of our Junket meetings, and in order to do that in a way that will prepare our youth for college and their future careers, we utilize software such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). Our website is powered through GoDaddy and Squarespace and enables us to share about who we are, what we're working toward, and sell our products direct-to-consumer. In 2018, we will begin tracking our finances through Xero software, which will enhance our ability to teach budgeting and financial tracking skills. 

Monthly Stipend (per youth)

Each member of Junket  has the opportunity to earn $100 per month by attending and participating in Junket meetings. If any meetings are missed, the stipend is decreased, so that each youth is adequately compensated for the time and effort they commit. We previously gave out a larger stipend twice a year, but recognized that by providing a smaller stipend more frequently, we enable the youth to better budget and manage the money earned, and it more accurately reflects the consistency of a paycheck.