Our goal is to increase our Monthly Contributions to $2,525 to cover our monthly operational costs, and One Time Donations to cover our Annual Operational Expenses of $5,150 and create a Project/Growth Fund of $10,000 to cover costs for our next project + help us plan for future ones with budgets in mind as we open up Junket to more foster care agencies and mentors in 2018

*To donate, click on the amount/button of how much you would like to give and it will direct you to Stripe where you can complete your donation for a monthly or one-time gift

Monthly Operating Expenses

Our goal is to raise $2,525 in monthly donors to cover our monthly operating expenses. This will allow us to further implement budgeting as a day-to-day regular Junket to-do during our weekly meetings in order to teach budgeting skills.

Raised: $1,465

STILL NEED: $1,060


2018 Additional Annual Expenses

Our goal is to raise $5,150 in one-time donations to cover our annual operational expenses (e.g. insurance, clearances) that are not included in our Monthly Expenses in order to open Junket up to more foster agencies + mentors. 

Raised: $850

STILL NEED: $4,300


2018 Project/Growth Fund

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to continue our projects while simultaneously allowing us to budget out the next few projects in our weekly meetings to further emphasize the importance of budgeting, and how vital it is to growth.   

Raised: $5,000

STILL NEED: $5,000


Mailed Checks:

If you would like to mail a check or generate a monthly or one-time donation through your banks bill pay service, please send to Junket Inc, 147 Prince Street, ste 46 Brooklyn NY 11201


End of year statements detailing your tax-exempt contribution will be sent after the completion of the calendar year. Junket Inc is a 501(c)3.