2018 Yearly Donations - Final Tally


Since the beginning, Junket has been fully dependent upon the generosity of individual donors to meet each of our expenses. Our current monthly investors cover our rent and office expenses for which we are so grateful. If you are interested in helping feed the Junket crew, fund project expenses, or provide metro cards to get the crew home visit our donate page.



Monthly Donors

Glenn + Sue Henderson

Elizabeth Oporto

Adam Kennard

Diane Crews

Aimee Bunch

Emilie Bunch

Janet Garvey

Chris Turner-Neal

Anthony Cotsifas + Patricia Heal

Alex + Krista Cone

Laura Purcell

Jillian Tappan

Josh + Julie Henderson

Amanda + Brett Slezak

Kara Hicks

Barbara Candone

Katie + Jereme Truelove

Melissa Fewer

Tanya Velardo

Karl Leitz


One Time Donors

Bob + Laura Hargrove

Jan Nelson

Tracey + Greg King

Mozelle Crews

Alex + Kathie Hupalo

Erika + Nick Beer

Penny Fearon

Matching Donations

United Healthcare


Previous Years

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