Heather Hupalo

Co-Director + President


Heather traveled around the world, keeping art close by wherever she went, working with homeless in São Paulo, women in brothels, youth in orphanages, summer camps, and schools, making a final stop in Katesh, Tanzania where she researched water projects. These travels and experiences confirmed that Brooklyn, New York is home. She is trained in photography with an MDIV in Theology and is now utilizing everything she has learned throughout the years to empower youth, building leaders to take on the next generation.


Sara Comis

Co-Director + Vice President


Sara's passion lies with working one-on-one with youth, forming relationships, and making life-long connections. Since the age of 19, Sara has been investing in the lives of youth. She began mentoring at a small children's home in Austin, TX and little did she know relationships there would land her in NYC in 2010. A social worker by trade, Sara has always had a strong desire to love those involved in the foster care system—to provide consistency and support through the ups and downs. Sara is an eternal optimist, loves to laugh and find the silver lining. She is also a feisty advocate who will try and convince anyone and everyone to become a mentor! Sara hopes to always live a life outside the box and full of leaps of faith.


Elizabeth Oporto

Asst. project director


Elizabeth is a photographer/retoucher who grew up on Long Island and has made her home in Brooklyn New York. Over the years, she has plugged into local organizations focused on helping youth succeed through reading and writing.  In September 2013, Elizabeth joined up with Junket as a mentor with photography experience to help out with the 26B photo project.  Since meeting the youth, she’s a forever regular with no intention of leaving anytime soon.  


India LoFaso



Shoba Rampersaud

Controller + Secretary (2011-2017)


Shoba is a New York licensed CPA, with many years of experience in public and corporate accounting. She is responsible for Junket's financial management and the integrity of its financial reporting. Additionally, having grown up in developing countries, and knowing the value of having a strong support system, she is passionate about and advocates for activities empowering youth and nurturing the potential within them to overcome challenging situations. Also, she is involved in mentoring youth with a local city organization. 

We are eternally grateful for the help and guidance Shoba contributed from Junket's inception back in 2011, we would not be where we are today without her help.

Josh Henderson

Controller & secretary


Joined 2017 … Bio coming soon