Foster Care Awareness Month


In January 2017, we jumped into learning more about our individual personalities, to better understand ourselves and how our unique traits impact the group as a whole. We took the test; it was fascinating, encouraging, and so accurate- all at the same time. As we continued to mull over our strengths and weaknesses we talked through it with each other and narrowed down where we fit, and where we can make our voice heard within Junket, our communities and beyond.

MAY 2017 | National Foster Care Awareness Month

There are many stereotypes and a distinct stigma that surround foster care. By February 2017, we identified that we wanted to share more about the REAL story of foster care, through our eyes. We began brainstorming and created a story that embodied each of our stories in one, to give a better glimpse of what our experiences have been like. Throughout the month of 'MAY' we shared a little bit more about the foster care system, breaking down some of the stereotypes and sharing a little bit about us, as individuals, those who are in/or have been in foster care. [Click on each of the buttons below to read the different parts of the story!]

Our hope is that our story will be heard and the message will be clear that no matter what we have gone through while in the foster care system, we have #NOlimits as to where the future takes us.



Let us tell you about foster care.



Never judge a book by its cover.



The sky is the limit!