Tatyanna J.

Tatyanna is 16 years old, and she was born and raised in Brooklyn. She’s an aspiring high school student, an artist—she loves to draw flowers, and she enjoys singing gospel music. Tatyanna loves learning Spanish, and her friendly and welcoming disposition comes out in her laughter! Tatyanna is incredibly focused, and brings her determined, positive energy to the Junket family, helping keep us all on task. Tatyanna is the ideal Junketeer.

GOAL: to finish 4 years of college and to be a mortician.


Brandon F.

Brandon J.R. Francis, otherwise known as B-France, is originally from Kingston, Jamaica and moved to the Big Apple in 2001, making his home in Brooklyn and Queens. His top two interests are keeping up with sports (particularly basketball) and predicting the weather. Brandon is known in Junket as a “human pick-me-up”, always there to offer a word of encouragement and a huge smile, no matter the circumstance. Brandon is working hard to become successful, overcoming numerous obstacles, and graduated high school in June 2016. He plans to attend Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) in the fall, and will explore career opportunities that utilize his generous and kind heart, such as working with children. Brandon is the ideal Junketeer.

GOAL: To get a bachelor’s and masters and to become a meteorologist.


Juana R.

Juana originally hails from Florida, and moved to Brooklyn at the age of nine. She is an avid reader and her love of books has inspired her to become a writer, at least for now. Juana’s awesome attitude and sense of humor make all our Junket activities more fun and exciting. Anyone who comes through Junket’s door, can see Juana’s compassion and care for those around her. Juana is the ideal Junketeer.

GOAL: To become a published author.


Catherine R.

Although she wasn’t born in the Big Apple, Catherine has lived most of her 19 years of life in Brooklyn. She likes to make the people around her smile and feel comfortable by putting on her biggest smile and saying all the right puns. She believes that the deepest love is the love you have for yourself. Standing firmly by what she believes, she hopes to open her own salon and spa that has high-quality, affordable services and a welcoming environment. She is currently enrolled in a beauty academy, where she walks down the yellow brick halls that will lead her to her personal Emerald City.

GOAL: to finish cosmetology school and one day own my own spa which has haircare, skin care, makeup and nails.


Leo R.

Bio coming soon …

GOAL: To finish school and go into the Coast Guard and start a family.


Lexy C.

Bio coming soon …

GOAL: to finish college and find a good career


Shevon E.

Bio coming soon …

GOAL: To go to school for automotive engineering.


Savior P.

Bio coming soon …

GOAL: To have a family and to finish up school and have good friends that care for me.

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