Entrepreneurial Mentoring Group

and a Family for Life for youth in foster care.


As an Entrepreneurial Mentoring Group, we are focused on helping youth transition out of foster care and equipping them with valuable skills to help them succeed, for life. Beyond the business piece, Junket acts as a family, providing support and encouragement through the day to day ups and downs. We are in the process of applying all we have learned from our two completed projects to start implementing change in our community about causes we care about.

We are currently working on Season One of Stories Around The Table to expand our audience as we introduce the real story of foster care, the one you might not read about. It will piggy-back on last year's #KNOWwhy #KNOWme #NOlimits in audio form, with our voices.  If you've yet to read the story, you can download it here or just wait for the podcast !

A Junket Media Group Production: Stories Around The Table is here !!