2017 Junket Giving Back Project

462 Halsey Community Garden.

On October 28th we made our way over to 462 Halsey Community Garden in Bedford Stuyvesant.  Our mission? COMPOSTING! This time, it was a bit more than sifting through already "composted" veggies. We are proud to say that we were able to walk through the whole (stinky!) process, from trash to nutrient-rich soil, and we didn't let the stench deter us!

We plugged along then worked our way down the bins, moving, sifting and definitely holding our noses. 

The team of volunteers who works at the garden each week were so hospitable to us and explained each step of the process as we worked alongside them. They volunteer year round to bring a sustainable composting option to the community. 

It took some real teamwork to transfer all the soils between bins!

If you're interested, whether you live in the city or outside most communities have drop off or you can do your own composting. Find a local community garden near you!

The garden mascot. He kept excellent watch throughout the day! (wait for the last pic in the slideshow!)