2012-14 giving back project

Charity Water.

Giving back to the community, both locally and globally, has always been a core value of Junket. At our first official Tuesday project meeting in September 2012 the members voted that our next giving back project would be Charity Water, an organization bringing clean drinking water to communities who are without. We wanted to see the project from start to finish so we decided to fund an entire project.

In January 2013, following our successful Junket for Change Fundraiser in 2012, we were able to make the $5,000 donation and initiate the digging of the "Junket well".  Approximately eight months later, we were informed the location of the well would be in a community in Ethiopia. 

Over the next 18 months we were given progress updates and in December of 2014, we received photos and a letter confirming that the well was finished! We has just funded a hand-dug well in Niushtey Sewhi, Ethiopia serving 150 people in their community.

One of our favorite pictures is the one showing the women in the community gathered around the well, drinking fresh water. We are so thankful and humbled to have been a part of this incredible process.