Winter Wishes.

In December 2011 we sponsored 8 children through the New York Cares Winter Wishes program. We ventured into Manhattan, wish lists in hand and fought the crowds in Toys R Us, Macy's and Rockefeller Center to find the perfect gifts. Simultaneously we got a our fill of the NYC Christmas experience too, windows, trees, music, lights and crowds. 

We loved the experience and decided to participate again in 2014. This time we opted for a slightly less dense shopping experience, perusing the Macy's and Target in Downtown Brooklyn. Each Junket member was paired with a child's wish list and given a budget of how much to spend. We were able to think creatively as a group in order to balance spending responsibly while fulfilling the wish lists.

We will definitely do Winter Wishes again and continue to refine our gift wrapping skills, budgeting and bringing Christmas to those who are in need.