2015 giving back project

Youth Reception Center.

Mercy First was asked by the Administration of Children's Services (ACS) of New York City to pilot a new program in an effort to help ease the transition for youth coming into the foster care system. The Youth Reception Center, the Virginia Residence, is a 12-bed home for youth ages 14-20, providing  youth a temporary living space while a more permanent residence is determined. The goal is to minimize the amount of placements the youth experience during their time in foster care. 

This is where Junket comes into the picture ...

In May 2015 Mercy First approached Junket to choose artwork for the new center. Since the start of the 26 Boroughs of Brooklyn project they were encouraged by the talent and wanted to find other ways to support. When the need for artwork for the center came up, Mercy First felt it would be an encouragement to the youth who come through the program, artwork created by other youth in foster care covering the walls. We were given full control of which photos and Junket art would be used as well as the size, shape and location of each piece within the residence. In the end, the walls were filled with 26B art and words of encouragement from the Junket crew with the hope to encourage all who pass through.

In November we had the opportunity to visit, see the art installed and meet the youth and staff. It was great to see the years of walking Brooklyn presented as art and encouraging to experience first hand the positive response from those in the home. A highlight of the visit was meeting the youth and introducing them to Junket. We hope to see a few of them soon!

Take a look through the gallery to see the  art displayed at the Virginia House!